Heating Repair in Thornton, CO

Effective Repairs for Heating Systems

Although the areas of Brighton and Thornton are known for their natural beauty when that first crisp snowfall arrives, it is important to be fully prepared with a powerfully working heater. Even though the long winters that hit us are perfect for recreational activities like skiing and snowboarding, it is impossible to live here if your heating system is malfunctioning. Because of our position in the mountains, the altitude causes the temperatures to drop so low that anyone who does not have a dependable heating system is not only going to feel uncomfortable but is at risk of hypothermia or even freezing to death.

There have been tragic cases in Colorado recently where residents were not prepared with a heating system that was working properly, and their malfunctioning units contributed to an untimely demise. Protect yourself and your family with prompt heating repair in Brighton from our team at Moreno HVAC LLC as soon as you know that something is wrong with your heater.

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Why You Should Only Contact a Heating Professional for Repairs

On account of the prevalence of online DIY videos, homeowners in Brighton may be tempted to try to fix a heating problem on their own. The issue is that this rarely goes as planned. In many cases, well-intentioned residents accidentally end up making the situation worse, leading to a complete collapse of the whole system. Rather than facing this costly catastrophe, talk to our technicians at Moreno HVAC LLC right away to arrange for prompt repairs.

Speak to us today at 720-883-9247 or contact us online if you are looking to avoid a sudden emergency through heating repair in Brighton.

Recognizing the Signs That Your Heater Is Getting Ready to Collapse

Because it can be so dangerous to have a malfunctioning heater for more than a few hours, let alone a day, you should always seek to reach out to a dedicated heating expert as soon as you become suspicious that your heater is on its way out. But what are the signs that your heater is beginning to fail, so that you can even call an HVAC specialist in the first place? By being on the alert for some of the most common signs of a damaged or broken heater, you may be able to prevent total disaster from occurring in your home.

You should always reach out to a heating expert as soon as you begin to observe warning signals such as:

  • Very little air flow is coming from the vents
  • The heating is spread unevenly throughout different parts of your house
  • The thermostat is reading a temperature that does not match the actual heat level in the home
  • Your utility bills have increased astronomically, even though you are not using the heat more
  • The air blowing out from your system feels lukewarm, or even completely cold
  • There is a presence of mildew or mold collecting in the vents or beneath the unit
  • You can smell unpleasant odors, such as melting plastic or burned metal
  • Your system is gathering a lot of condensation and moisture

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